Chumra of the month: Driving through intersections for tznius reasons

untznius crosswalkRafi G is quite the tzadik for he has decided to take on a new chumra this month, he has noticed that while driving in Israel that he tends to stare at the beautiful untznius women walking around when he is stopped at a red light, he has decided that he should just drive right through intersections if there are untznius women present.

Unbeknown to Rafi G this practice is halacha in places like Brooklyn where Rabbis have told people to disobey traffic rules and regulations in order to maintain the tzniusness of the local neighborhood. So instead of picking their noses while staring at women prancing along in the crosswalks, many Brooklyn drivers merely drive right through.

I have noticed that other chumros while driving are practiced in Brooklyn and these include double parking to prevent scantily clad hipsters from riding their bikes in the frum neighborhoods and driving really shitty cars so that untznius women will be unattracted to the men driving them.