Speed davening

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After davening by rote for so many years it becomes a super fast automatic thing, and there are some phrases that are similar enough that you can be shunted to the wrong one. There is one area between borchu and shma in the morning that repeats like this and I’ve not once caught myself jumping back to the first point and looping. Makes you wonder what it’s all about, mate. I’ve confirmed this shma junction with another speed davener. It’s not just me, man.

By the way, what is this davening thing? You’re the best, man. You’re terrific. Remember Egypt? That was the best. You really saved our ass there! We were some sorry faced losers. Slaving and shit. But, there you were with the plagues and whatnot. And I’m not going to forget it, nosiree.

I know we screw around, we’re not worth it. But you chose us, and when the shit hits the fan, there you are (well, not always, but often). You really know how to hand it to those weasels. Oh, and did I mention that I think your the strongest best god there is? Those other gods suck. Forget about it. Don’t even go there. Anyway, I used to be religious.