Do you have any interesting spam stories?

spamAs this blog has grown in popularity so has the amount of email, I have dealt with spam by unsubscribing to email lists I never signed up for, or sent a reply after receiving several emails that I really have no use for – but just the other day I kind of lost my cool.

You see, the Pomegranate gourmet kosher food store in Brooklyn decided to hire a rather aggressive PR firm to send out their emails announcing events that the average person cares nothing about in hopes that these average people will write about them or pass them along. After receiving several of these, I decided to start asking to be taken off the list, I asked multiple times and was still sent mail every week until I decided to respond that I would be calling the Attorney Generals office if they did not remove me from their list.

The response from the PR representative who will remain unnamed, was:

“don’t take yourself so seriously”

I was hurt by this response, she could have said, sorry for the inconvenience or you will be removed, but that’s not right.

So I responded in kind that I was sick of all her F— bullshit emails and told her she can go F herself – a bit harsh I know, but it just felt right.

What prompted this all out attack on spam, specifically Jewish spam?

Well, I noticed that multiple times per day I was receiving requests to join the Facebook fan page “Yeshiva Bound”, it wasn’t one request every once in a while, it was this constant, 5 times a day situation which just irked me to no avail. Once in a while I go into my group and invite people with the promise that I wont message them unless I have a show which isn’t more then once every couple of weeks.

Take a look at this email I received today – I think its hilarious – especially all the times the word “sincere” was used.

Dear Colleague,

I sincerely thought that the following new blog would be of interest to you:

Authentic Judaism

Please expect to be presented with some new ideas. I hope you are strong enough to rise above the mediocre thinking based on a materialistic world outlook and consider adopting an Authentic Jewish one.

Please forward the url of this blog to anyone you think could benefit from it.

We are proud to see that after much effort, this blog is number one on Google: Authentic Judaism Search on Google as well as Yahoo: Authentic Judaism Search on Yahoo


Rabbi Raphael Bearmant

(973) 910-0623

PS This is not spam or junk mail. This is a sincere endeavor to get this important information to as many people as possible. Don’t worry, as long as our technology holds up, we will not be contacting you again.

I just hope he realized that there probably isn’t anyone searching for the word authentic Judaism…

Do you have any spam stories?