Is the UJC Jewish Community Heroes Project a scam?

jewish community heroes

By now if you are hooked into the internet and have someone who is into shameless self promotion in honor of receiving a $25,000 grant you have probably heard about the UJC Jewish Community Heroes project, in which you can nominate a community hero and if they receive enough votes they will win a $25,000 grant towards their project. Sounds great right?

I have received countless emails from people asking me to vote for them, and quite frankly I can’t vote for everyone so I just put it on the back burner. Then I learned the shocking truth, the truth is that the entire process is rigged.

In a normal contest you would be able to vote once, but in this case, you can legally vote (and the nominees can vote for themselves as well) once every 12 hours. I am trying to figure out why it was done this way, why on earth would they let the same people vote over and over again? Shouldn’t it be one vote per person – furthermore – someone can just create a program to fill in the voting form automatically.

So basically you get someone to nominate you, you should see the people who have been nominated – its quite pathetic – I would say maybe 10% of the people nominated would be considered heroes. How come you think I didn’t go and nominate myself and try to take the 25 grand, I am sure I could have rallied up the troops and gotten a bunch of you to vote for me – but I would rather see my friends Mendel and Raizy Rubin who run shabbos house at the University of Albany get the money, I tried to vote and they made it such a pain in my rear that I am not sure my vote went through.

It all seems fishy to me…