Pregnant women should be banned

Sent to me om Facebook

Pregnant women should be banned, according to a Jewish organization whose name has been withheld to protect me. After viewing a drawing of the matriarch, Rivka, pregnant with her future sons, Yaakov and Esav, as part of an educational curriculum, the Jewish organization asserted that pregnant women are not tznius and the image should not be used to teach children about Tenach.

According to this logic, any married woman should not be seen in pictures, since her existence indicates that she must have participated in a shameful un-tznius act by virtue of her marriage. Apparently, the heimisha stork brings babies to the most religious families, who don’t engage in “that sort of thing.” Clearly they have not gone far enough in their subjugation of women. Perhaps we could learn a thing or two from the Muslims. Burkas are not only tznuis, but prevent unnecessary fornication. As of now, news about their Kosher Sex Education curriculum has not been released.