Interesting Posts around the web

links blogsRafi of the blog Life in Israel has been doing these “interesting link posts” every other day or say and I feel I should be doing these as well, it would be good to give exposure to new bloggers or share with you stuff I have found, and sharing more – I would love to see more bloggers doing this so everyone can share information in more places than just Facebook and twitter. I hope to do these at least once a week if not more often.

I have recently rediscovered the blog Memoirs of a Jewminicana and its very well written.

Someone frum actually supports Obama’s health care plan – when on earth did health care become a right anyway?

New Blog from one of the fans Righteous Rasha – hope it lasts

Jameel just told me that kissing mezuzas is unhealthy – Duh!!!

Frum and Flipping admits that even though she is charedi she wants to hit up a bar and kiss a boy – quite interesting post that looks into the mind of a not so regular charedi girl.

Ever notice how non-frummies are addicted to havdalah – well some folks are opting for the havdalah bar mitzvah.

There’s been a lot of talk of how Dweck was wrong for ratting out fellow Jews and finally someone decided to write a post on the halachic ramafications of Mesira.

Everyone is going a little nuts for the UJC Jewiosh Community Heroes project but its funny to see people who are not “heroes” trying to get you to vote for them – in a shameless self promotion stunt. Kind of reminds of of ROI a bit actually. But my dear friends Rabbi Mendel and Raizy Rubin who are definitely heroes have been nominated.

How to take the holiness of your year in Israel back with you? Frum Punk says you should burn a garbage can!

Off the Derech published a really interesting email from a person who is reverse off the derech – questioning Reform Judaism brought him to orthodoxy.