Eliyahu Weinstein AKA Eli Weinstein arrested for alleged ponzi scheme

The latest scandal to hit the frum community and give us a bad name is Eli Weinstein, but the big problem with Eliyahu Weinstein is that stealing $140 million dollars just isn’t that funny, if anything this makes Jews look bad. Why on earth am I writing about it then?

That’s a good question in which I shall teach you folks a basic course on SEO – search engine optimization (note to the editors – please do not edit the title of this post it is how it should be for the search engines) Now if you please, I noticed that a lot of people came to my blog today searching for Eli Weinstein, the term shows up in a comment that someone posted sometime back – a quick search through the news for Eli Weinstein reveals that this story will be big in the next few days and that very few people have written about it.

If I could say, get into the top ten search results of google for the term “eli weinstein” or eliyahu weinstein” I could get a whole bunch of new traffic and maybe some new readers. Some of you savvy folks may have noticed that I have was heavy on the keywords when our good man Yehuda Leib Tropper was on the scene (he was hilarious – possibly the funniest scandal ever to hit the frum community)

There is a lot of debate when it comes to SEO, I am sure some of you will tell me I’m wrong, but based on my calculations this post will be searched for and although the bounce rate will be high, you never know who may click around for more information.

Of course I am burying this post back in the dates just to do some research

If you want more details on the developing Eli Weinstein chillul Hashem, I mean story, some sites are listed below.

Failed Messiah as expected will be watching this story closely

Business week has the details

Asbury Park Press has a good piece as well