Sex-crazed husband finally gives get

frum jewish sex addictAn eight-year saga involving a recalcitrant husband, a “chained” wife and an out-of-control libido came to an end in a regional rabbinical court in Rehovot this week.

A man who had refused for the last eight years to divorce his wife finally acquiesced to a rabbinic court demand, the Rabbinic Courts Administration announced.

The prurient, headstrong husband had been told eight years ago by the rabbinical court of Rehovot that he must divorce his wife due to his abnormal sexual appetite.

According to the woman, her husband demanded sex three to four times a day, 365 days a year, including on Yom Kippur and when she was menstruating – times during which intercourse is prohibited according to Jewish law.

Oh you thought this was a spoof?