Frum Satire now has a forum

That’s right folks, I had my web designer place a forum on this site and now you the reader can debate, discuss, hate on, tell loshon horah and pick up chicks in the Forum. Unlike the blog you will need to register and log in – but unlike most other forums located on “frum” sites you can link to your blog, website or whatever you may like.

There are already 17 topics and 270 posts in the forum, go debate face to face with the commenters you love to hate. If you have any comments, complaints or questions about the forum – place them in the sticky post which my designer has put there so he can deal with your questions.

The link to the forum is located at the top of the page in the header.

Here is the link –

If you could announce this news on your facebook, twitter and homepages it would be appreciated