I went on a shidduch and he paid with food stamps

foodstampsI was sitting at a table chatting with some lovely young ladies on Sunday morning at the Isabella Freedman center in Connecticut, this one girl asked me if it was normal for people to pay with food stamps on a date – because she recently went out with a guy who did so. I guess this may be codeword for “damn we’re not going to prime grill.

Nope, never heard of that one I told her.

But would you mind if I wrote about it?

She said maybe now he can have some closure because she never really explained why he didn’t get a third date.

I don’t know about her, but this guy sounds like a keeper, any man ballsy enough to whip out his food stamps to pay for a date seems like he wont be full of shit when it comes to those types of things people tend to lie about – like whether or not they have a TV in their home, or have eaten non-cholov yisroel while on vacation somewhere.

Its also way better than pulling that “holy crap I left my wallet at home” trick…