How to get free food at kosher restaurants

dougies woodbourneDougies is probably the best place in the Catskills to get free food, knowing everyone that works there including the owner is probably a good thing too, but what I am talking about is leftover food. Thanks to the well known fact that frummies don’t clean up after themselves, half eaten tins of fire poppers, onion rings and french fries sit on empty tables with flies hovering around them waiting for the kill.

I know the food at Dougies kind of sucks, it used to be king of kosher food – prior to the sushi revolution, Dougies of the upper west side was packed at all hours with all types of Jews, not just the yeshivish and chassidish variety that tends to frequent it now, why do yeshivish people like shitty food so much – seriously folks, they love greasy crappy food, it drives the yeshiva system.

Well either way I decided to hit up visiting day in the Catskills to get some good fodder and I just got pissed off, I guess seeing a bunch of frummies in Woodbourne has lost its appeal since I moved to New York, when I lived upstate, I longed to see nice frummy girls in skirts and chassidim hocking on their nextels, but I did get a good video of me scavenging for free food at Dougies.