Attention fellow bloggers – want to get more traffic?

jewish bloggers carnivalI know a lot of you are wondering how you can get more traffic, blogging isn’t about the hits, its about the people – but if you only have 3 readers there are no people to speak of. I can give you a seminar in search engine marketing or a briefing on social media, but quite frankly the best way to gain loyal readers and fellow bloggers to know that you exist is to get on their blogrolls, or submit your posts to the weekly Jewish Bloggers Carnival.

You simply submit a post with this handy Jewish Bloggers Carnival Submission form, it gets sent to whoever happens to be hosting the carnival that week. The carnival is basically a list of posts that people from around the Jewish Blogworld submit. It allows the readers of said blog to be exposed to a bunch of new blogs they probably have never heard of and you get link backs to you raising your page rank and searchability in Google.

I happen to be hosting it this week and am using this lull in the humor posting to tell that you should submit your post or posts and I will throw them in – you must use the submission form link above.

Read this past weeks Jewish Bloggers Carnival that was hosted by the folks over at Jewschool.