9 Tisha B’av blog posts from around the web

tisha bavWriting comedy on Tisha B’av is like eating prok for kiddush on Yom Kippor, well maybe not that bad – but it just doesn’t feel write. Well maybe I should say posting, because with all this free time I have been writing a lot. So I figured I would go and hunt down a bunch of mature Tisha B’av posts around the web and on other blogs to bring to you so you can have a more meaningful Tisha B’av.

As Always Dov Bear has a load of interesting posts about Tisha B’av – and they all have some good discussion in the comments sections.

Yid with a Lid has a post about Barack Obama and the Jewish Fast of Tisha B’av

Jameel over at the Muquata is shedding New Tears for Tisha B’av

Wolfish Musings has a great post about the Real Cause of Our Problems – not directly Tisha B’av but very delated to the day.

As expected Hirhurim has multiple posts on the topic and as always they are well written, sourced and have loads of discussion in the talk back section.

Velveteen Rabbi has a post on some interesting links and thoughts of Tisha B’av

Treppenwitz just wants a quiet place to read Eicha.

Conservadox and Single poses the question – What is Sinat Chinam anyway?

Malka Adatto of Zeek/Jewcy is wonder how we remember on Tisha B’av?

Rabbi Pinky gives us a Tisha B’av drasha