Its only nine days without meat – what’s the big deal?

NewYorkStripSteakThe frummies I know go crazy during the nine days because they can’t eat meat, by crazy I mean, they bitch and moan and call around to try and hit up as many siyums as possible. I myself always think that its only nine days, what on earth is the big deal?

I admit I miss my daily dose of Carlos and Gabbys and the near death experience of Subsational, but 9 days without meat is really not such a big deal. If we are talking about 9 days in the summer without showering that’s something else – but who on earth actually goes without showering?

The music thing is so yesterday with AKA pella, beat boxing and non-live music heterim and swimming isn’t an everyday thing, I actually jumped in a lake yesterday as my shower (I didn’t swim, I just washed off all the mud on me)

But meat seems to be that one thing that people can’t get over, frummies can’t go 9 days without it, mostly because frum men love meat. I myself could eat steak for breakfast, I don’t because I’m poor – but I could, but 9 days without meat is nothing. Besides you get your meat on shabbos.