Only simchas pictures: The Lean!

only-simchasI love awkward frummie engagement pictures, they really do rock. I as well as many of you call it “the lean” which is when the couple leans awkwardly to a center pont but is rarely close enough to denote the fact they are married or about to get married.

I am not one to do the lean, maybe because I don’t think girls have the cooties or I am just not frum enough, but the leasn can be done in many ways. There is the type of lean here the couple is leaning but you cpould fit a person in between them and then there is the type of picture where the couple is almost touching, giving the illusion that after 3 weeks of dating they fell in love.

What about the touching lean, they are actually touching, but not intentionally, kind of an afterthought of touching, like oops you passed me the chrain and I touched your hand.

Then you have the head lean, lets stand straight and lean our heads in.