On people who remove their yamrulkes when entering a bar

bush_yarmulkeI found this post on Material Maidels blog about two guys she and her friend went to a club with that removed their yarmulkes when they walked into the bar. I am one of the only people I know that wears my yarmulke everywhere , mostly because I am proud to be Jewish and feel more likely to represent my Jewishness if I have it on.

Maidels post explains that these boys felt the opposite, that these boys felt that going into a club was a chillul Hashem and not having a yarmulke on their head would allow them to act like bafoons. I understand the logic, but the only time I ever remove my yarmulke is to buy porn, pick up pennies from the ground or decide to pull off the “suggested donation feature” at a museum.

Do you think people should remove their yarmulkes to go into a bar? It kind of irks me, but that’s just me the proud Jew.