RE: Jewish themes in Michael Jackson songs


Yasher Koach to Brad Sugar – my camper at Ramah Wisconsin in 1997 – talk about Jewish Geography!

ABC – Learning the alef-bet in cheder

[I’m] Bad – The Vidui

Beat It – Hoshanah Rabbah theme

Ben – Hebrew for “son”

Black or White – How some describe Jewish law

Cheater – Bernie Madoff

Dancing Machine – There’s one at every Jewish

Dirty Diana – The Princess of Wales in Niddah

Don’t Stop ’til You Get Enough – What you don’t say to a mohel

Ease on Down the Road (to teshuvah in Elul)

Enjoy Yourself – Father of the bar mitzvah says this to the guests

Got to Be There – Guilty thoughts early in the morning before minyan

I Want You Back – Pidyon Haben

I’ll Be There – Elijah says this before every bris

In the Back – Where everyone sits in shul

Jam – Goes nice on a bagel

Man in the Mirror – Cheshbon Nefesh

Off the Wall – What happens to your kvittel if you don’t stick it in
the Kotel enough

Remember the Time – Pesach Seder (chayav adam lir’ot et atzmo…)

Rock with You – Palestinians said this to Israelis during Intifada

She’s out of My Life – Get

Smooth Criminal – Bernie Madoff

Someone in the Dark – Pharaoh during the 9th plague

The Girl Is Mine – “Harei at mekudeshet lee b’taba’at zo…”

Unbreakable – The chatan can’t smash the glass

Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’ – Simchat Torah

We Are Here to Change the World – Tikkun Olam

We’ve Had Enough – Dayeinu

You Are Not Alone – Hashem is everywhere