Michael Jackson Jewish songs

jackson-jewish-boteachBrad Sugar pulled this out of his head

Remember the Time (For Mincha)
You Are Not Alone (The Yichud Song)
Don’t Stop till You Get Enough (kiddush)
Beat It (The Lulav Song)
Man in The Mir (yeshiva)
The Way Jew Make Me Feel
Black and White
Off the wall (commentary on the arab-israeli conflict, lol)

I know I never wrote about Michael Jackson, and since I don’t watch TV and was in Israel at the time I really didn’t get to see all the craziness that was going on, when I heard about it – I remembered the last time a celebrities death was made such a big deal about and that was Princess Diana.

Either way, my earliest memory of Michael Jackson is the Superbowl halftime show he played Heal the World. I was on a date once and started dancing to Don’t stop till you get enough and the first video I ever posted on You Tube was of me dancing in my car to the same song.