Britney Spears is converting to Judaism – who cares?

britney-spears-jewishI think this is the most tznius picture of Britney I could find, but fear not – she’s wearing a black hat.

After dozens of emails, facebook and twitter messages asking me to write about this – I am doing so just to shut you all up. The last time I saw Britney Spears she was parncing around in a school girl uniform (not a bais yaakov one) and singing the national anthem of teeny boppers – yes I watched it, yes my brother found the CD on the floor and now I own it, but after she hit puberty, I kind of lost interest.

One fan made it a point to tell me that the Birtney Spears conversion to Judiasm will mean people will tell loshon horah about her – but since her conevrsion will not be ackknowledged by most – its halachically fine to speak all the loshon horah you want (I am not fond of it – but its the law)

I hope that none of you actually cares that Britney is converting, but if she does I can assure you a great day of commenting on Vos Iz Neias and the like.