I’m Moving up in the world

heshThe super cool picture was done by Elkie Sudin an artist I spent shabbos with – who will be getting a full post eventually.

Just some items of recent note that I am kind of proud of…

My first piece was published on the Jewlicious Blog last week – it was a wrap up of ROI.

I got my first paid writing gig for My Jewish Learning’s blog mixed multitudes.

The Jewish Channel week in Review features yours truly.

My first big write up was done by Tablet Mag formerly known as Netbook the highbrow online magazine dedicated to Jewish arts and culture.

Nachum Segal the popular Jewish radio host took me out to lunch right before I went to Israel and it turns out he’s a big fan.

Some loyal fans were nice enough to put Heshy Fried onto wikipedia.

I am even thinking about getting a publicist, but have no money so they will need to be pro-bono.