The latest Charedi riots are a huge chillul Hashem

harediI can sort of understand rioting because shabbos is being desecrated, but rioting because a child abuser was arrested is completely insane, and a huge chillul Hashem in my opinion. I literally couldn’t believe my ears when I heard about the latest Charedi riots, you have to have some respect for your government, if not complete chaos erupts.

With that said, what on earth could be done about it? I mean, if they agree to these peoples demands they are saying that violence works, but if they don’t the violence continues. Then again, if they burn down their own neighborhoods should they really care? Oh and where are the calls from Rabbis for the madness to end, it appears that everyone supports this madness.

I would hate to think what would happen if a man was arrested, what about if a Rabbi were arrested oy?Where are the gedolim?