Is it possible to be sexy and tznius?

Frum and Flipping has this very interesting post about her foray into lingerie shopping, as a frum girl. You see, no one is actually going to see her lingerie, unless she gets married. I have feeling this post may help – but I found the whole concept of a woman feeling sexy without being outwardly sexy kind of weird, until now “tznius and sexy” could never really be put in the same sentence and if it was the girl was undoubtedly a hot chanie therefore negating her tznius status.

She kind of relates this whole lingerie shopping affair with wearing your hair covered only to be seen by your husband, and children (wait if your kids see it doesn’t that mean its not only for your husband?)

I must also thank the blogger Frum and Flipping for taking me out to dinner while I was in Israel, unfortunately she didn’t show me her lingerie – but I did get a hint of ankle underneath her stockings.

On a side note, whether you are a man or a woman, I always like to meet random fans, if you want to take me out to dinner, even better. I will be in New York for the next month or so…