I may be the most immature person I know

Two thinsg happened on shabbos that made me crack up, I think I was the only one that thought they were funny, so funny in fact that I had to hold my face down and stop myself from bursting.

One the daughters of my hosts was showing of her Aleph-Beis book that she made – when suddenly she said that Beis is for Balls!!! It was tough to hold it in.

Then we were learning some pirkei avos and it was about not giving in to insults. The hostsess said that her kallah teacher told her that sometimes you just have to swallow…but, then like that one time I went out with a frummy girl that kept using the term fisting, she said it over andf over again. Finally it was reiterated that it was about swallowing your pride, not other things.

Is it just me or am I really immature?