Tznius is an issue, but threatening letters are just as bad

tznius-stalkersJacob Da Jew has an important post about the state of Tznius in the frum community, the problem is not that people aren’t adhering to the laws, the problem is in the form of random notes distributed by random people in scare tactic form to get them to adhere to a stricter sense of modesty.

I understand that tznius means quite a bit to people, although, I have stated before that it is never the women who are complaining and always the men, I thought you are supposed to control your desire for women wearing red, denim and sexy sheitles.

While I was in Silver Spring I learned of a serious “tznius stalker” case in which one family got a note about the wife dressing more modestly or else, I thought that this was one of the reasons for a community Rav.

Why can’t people work on themselves before they start throwing their wrath around?

Besides, a little ankle never hurt anyone…