Lawsuit says automatic lights infringe religious rights

shabbos goyIts about time frum Jews hopped on the whacked out lawsuit bandwagon, and this is the perfect way to do it. This couple in England is suing their apartment managers for infringing on their human rights because they fail to consider their religion.

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I always loved the reactions from frum folks who would walk past a neighbors house with an automatic light. “Oh shit, that always happens” is the one that comes to mind.

I wonder if they asked the neighborhood association first? I bet they did, because I know how neighborhood associations are – crazy old women who bitch about flower pot placement.

But this case opens up the floor to a bunch of crazy lawsuits brought to you by the fine folks from the Charedi community, because lets face it, lots of things keep people in their houses which may be an infringement on human rights.

Things that may be possible to sue over:

Billboards: they contain untznius pictures and may force people to take longer routes and stay inside. Sometimes can cause accidents because people may want to close their eyes while driving.

Bike Lanes: I think this may be already happening but the bike lane scandal in Williamsburg was big news.

Mannequins: How can we walk down the street when there are naked plastic people everywhere?

Treife Restaurants: We can’t even smell the stuff, its keeping us indoors so we can fight the sitra acha.

Highway department: They made all of our streets so accessible to pritzus, sidewalks promote nakedness.