I had my first missed connection yesterday

craigslist-missed-connections-locationsFor all of you who aren’t craigslist addicts, the section titled missed connections is located within the personals section and is devoted to people who made eyes with each other at Starbucks but for a variety of reasons couldn’t talk to the person before they got up to leave.

Maybe you were stuck onĀ  the BQE and some hottie gave you the finger for cutting her off and you want her number, or maybe you were in line at the Glatt Mart and when the cashier slammed the change down on the counter Boro Park style you got the chills. Missed connections are for people who regret not trying to pick up the person they smiled at or made eyes at and they happen thousands of times a day across the land – and if you haven’t checked out Craigslist missed connections you are missing something very entertaining.

According to the graph above most missed connections in NYC happen on the subway at 35% with a distant second coming on the street at 8%.

I am sure I have had many missed connections, but last night would definitely qualify as a real missed connection with definite possibilities to meet the person, if they happen to be reading craigslist. I even decided to post my own ad.

Cute Jewish girl walking down court street – m4w – 27

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Date: 2009-06-16, 8:42AM EDT

I was walking down Court street to Trader Joes last night and I was fiddling with my phone, I passed by you wearing a bright orange shirt and a brown hippie-ish skirt. You stopped an turned and stared while you crossed the street, I stopped and stared back wondering if you knew me or something?

From across the street you looked at me in this “I wonder if I know him?” way and I looked at you thinking “damn your cute, I wonder if your religious?” and then after about 30 seconds you turned around and walked down Court street into Park Slope never to be seen again.

At this point I decided that I would post my first ever missed connection and join all of the others who swore they had a connection over a brief eye sex session at Starbucks or how they swore you connected when you bumped heads as you both dropped your laundry soap at the same time.

I was wearing a gray Fidel Castro hat, was unshaven, in the need of a haircut, wearing sandals and had tzitzis dangling by my beige shorts.

You may have recognized me from this – https://frumsatire.net

  • Location: Trader Joes (Atlantic ave)
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