Does wife swapping in the frum community actually exist?

wife-swapI was sitting in Baltimore this week when someone brought up some sort of wife swapping ring going on in Pickwick, who told you this was my immediate response, followed with skeptical rants about everyone talking about wife swapping rings without ever having proof.

I cannot tell you how many times I have heard the term “oh that’s the type of place that has wife swapping” whenever someone has disdain for a community and its material practices. It seems that frum wife swapping directly correlates to the material wealth of a community. So Wesley Hills, anywhere in Long Island and parts of North Jersey must have big wife swapping rings.

On other notes, a married women did ask me to have an affair with her recently, and she was wearing a sheitle and had a kid, yes it was very weird, especially when I googled her n ame and came up with her only simchas account for when she had the kid – I was tempted to tell the husband but I let it go (ah the moral dilemmas created by googling someone) I also keep getting phone calls from members of who think I run their website (my internet phone number gets messages from these people all the time – if anyone knows how to set up a recording please tell me)

But as for wife swapping en masse, I have yet to meet anyone that does this or knows anyone that does this. I think its just one of those things that people “hear of” from someone that heard it somewhere else, just fodder for the shabbos table and to make frum life more interesting.