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Most commented on posts

I made some slight changes to the blog last night that you may not even notice. I went into my archives and pulled out all of the posts with over 100 comments on them and made separate section, there are 19 in total – but if it was 90 comments or more it would have been more than twice that amount.

See the right sidebar, or go to the page I made – Posts 100 comments or more.

Leaving for Israel next Sunday

I will be leaving for Israel next Sunday, with a two day stopover in Madrid, Spain – if anyone has any connections there to hook me up with a place to crash, it would greatly be appreciated. I will be stopping in Barcelona on the way back. You should expect limited blogging, unless I can get a netbook before then.

I am going to Israel because I was accepted to the ROI Summit to be held in Ramat Gan, it is a 5 day networking, skills building session featuring 120 of the top young Jewish innovators from around the world accepted to tracks in – Arts, activism, new media(that’s me), environmentalism and a bunch more. Yasher Koach to Matthue Roth for telling me this thing existed.

I will be in Israel for nearly two weeks and as of now I have one show set up for Sunday July 5th in Jerusalem at off the wall comedy cellar, click the link for more. Someone is working on a showin Bet Shemesh, but I have not heard confirmation yet.


You may have noticed last week that I went back to my sporadic writing schedule, and I must say I enjoy blogging for fun and not for traffic once again. The 4 times a day 2500 people a day thing was nice, but I find that I don’t drop down that much in traffic and have a lot more fun when I blog when I want and not on a schedule. So I don’t force myself to write or just put up anything.

I am approaching 1000 followers onm Twitter, I know a lot of people are making fun of twitter, but just give in and figure the damned thing out, its way faster and easier than email and Facebook. So follow me on Twitter.

Frum Satire Redesign

I have been debating on what redesign route to go, should I keep Frum Satire in blog format or switch to a more professional magazine style site? Should I have a forum? But then I need moderators? Once thing I will definitely have on the new site is staff, unpaid, but still it may be resume worthy to say you are an editor or staff writer for frum satire and may allow me to get a grant – plus – my stuff will then be edited, I already have my eye on several people to be editors.

The current site works at what it does but it doesn’t look too great. Besides for the 100 comments thing listed above, I made a section of links called Collaborative sites and if you would like to be added to my links section, just email me and add me as well. There are thousands of sites linking here, so unless you tell me I will never know.

Other News

Nachum Segal who has over 60,000 listeners to his daily Jewish morning show on New York radio has expressed a lot of interest in me and told me he’s a big fan. I warned him that putting me on may bring a lot of hate mail, so while its very flattering, I’m not sure if he will interview me on the show. which just relaunched as is going to be profiling me. Tablet is an academic site which focuses on Jewish literati and the arts. Two of my PhD friends told me its a big deal and my writer friends tell me it should do interesting things for me. I’m pumped, one of their staff interviewed me extensively and came out to meet my dad. So while their traffic is lower than mine, their readership may be able to offer me a book deal (I want to write a satirical guide to orthodoxy or a yeshiva memoir) or it may just get me into something cool like the New Yorker or Esquire. Lets just hope they appreicate the content and don’t hound me about the spelling.

Living in New York

I really don’t l;ike living here and am looking to get out, preferably the west but anywhere really and you know what in my transient state of mind I would do anything as long as I make $500 a week. so if you know of anything…