RE: You may hate Obama – but this racism is uncalled for

Look I am not going to remove the video I posted because I think people should learn from their mistakes. Yes it is a Chillul Hashem, but allowing such stupidity to go unnoticed is a bigger disservice and Chillul Hashem in my opinion and you can have yours too – but to label me as a Chillul Hashem for posting it is just plain asinine. People who are judging all Jews based on one drunken video of dumbasses are dumbasses themselves, they have to live in the community to see how deep the racism goes.

With that said, I must admit that I did something wrong, I posted the video without researching its source and upon further investigation one can see that the person behind the video is an anti-Zionistic Jew who knew exactly what he was going to get and did. I myself wasn’t shocked by the video, it kind of elicited a similar response to when I heard about Foreskins Lament, its about time someone did this!

Max Blumenthal
is a real asshole for doing this, some may even argue self hating, I wouldn’t say so, more like a dirty journalist trying to further his own agenda with complete disregard for proper journalistic tactics. It happens to be that in this day and age anyone should be smart enough to realize that pretty much any video will wind up on the internet – these kids may have been drunk – but drunkenness just allows to truth to come out faster. One person on twitter replied that he felt it was a funny comedy piece, and that he laughed out loud, that in itself is an issue – there really wasn’t anything funny about it, it sounded like my gemara shiur in high school minus all of the swear words.

I love How Max Blumenthal tries to excuse his behavior with the following:

“The notion that the racist diatribes in my video emerged spontaneously from a beery void is a delusion, but for some, it is a necessary one. It allows them to erect a psychological barrier against acknowledging the painful consequences of prolonged Zionist indoctrination. And it enables them to dismiss the disturbing spectacle of young Jews behaving like fascist soccer hooligans in the heart of the capitol of Israel and the spiritual home of the Jewish people.”

I love it, Zionist indoctrination – this guy must be the social media guy for the Niturei Karta. He goes on to say…

“The people in my video were not white trash, nor were they the “extreme right-wing fringe” as some bloggers have called them. They were the college-educated sons and daughters of middle and upper class American Jews from cosmopolitan metropolises and genteel suburbs. Some had come to Israel on vacation, some had made aliyah, and some told me they were planning to move to Israel in the near future. Many were dual citizens of America and Israel. They may have behaved in a moronic way, but they will not grow up to toil in the custodial arts. Many of these kids will move into white-collar jobs and use their influence to advance Israeli initiatives. Programs like Birthright Israel — a few of those in my video were on Birthright tours — exist for the exclusive purpose of indoctrinating American Jews into unyielding, unthinking supporters of Israel. Thus the kids in my video represent at least one aspect of the Zionist project’s future base of political sustenance.”

Why is everyone telling me the kids in the video were Ner Jake kids? Or is he lying about his own video?

Whatever the case may be, both parties are wrong, but the real truth of the matter is that anyone who has spent any time in the frum/black hat community understands that racism is prevalent, its not the kind of racism that existed in the south, its normally based on something like neighborhood or getting punched off your bike one too many times.

I have a buddy who lived in a town in the Midwest with no black people and he only started seeing why frum Jews on the east coast were so racist after living in New York and Baltimore. I know that many folks in crown heights would readily admit to being racist as well as almost everyone I know that is in the yeshiva world. Its so normal that the fact I don’t use and dislike the N word, I am automatically labeled a liberal (despite my gun collection) by anyone who meets me. I am not saying all, I am saying many, and if you really want I bet you I could get a bunch of people saying this stuff on tape!!!

So while I may have been wrong to jump to conclusions concerning the video, I wouldn’t discount what they said. Beer merely loosens the tongue, but the things they said many would readily agree with. Even our favorite commenter Phil says the man should be shot and it would be better for the Jews.

Max Blumenthal should be ashamed of himself, but the folks in the video (I wonder how many folks know them?) should also be ashamed of themselves and while you cannot judge any aspect of the community based on their foolish actions – this should be used as a lesson.