Out of town restaurant politics

I have lived and stayed in enough Jewish communities to understand that many places don’t have a kosher restaurant simply because of community politics. Community politics can get in the way of many things, but restaurants are usually a huge point of contention and know that your community is not alone if it does have these issues.

The local kasharus agency isn’t good enough for everyone

There is a yeshiva in town that controls everything

There is a yeshiva in town that thinks it owns the place

The modern shul hates the frum shul

The lubavitchers wont eat there

The modern people all eat milchigs out anyway

It will create a hangout for boys and girls – we don’t want it

The Rav thinks the community is too poor to support it

The frummies wont eat there

The guy opening it isn’t frum and wont pay for the vaad

Someone threatens someone else if they open it

There is only one other and the Rav likes to practice monopolistic tactics

I am sure there are many more and they are all stupid, if you don’t want to daven in someone’s shul that’s one thing, but to prevent a whole community from enjoying a restaurant because you are on some power trip just plain old sucks.