When frummies apply for jobs…

I got this cover letter today in response to an ad I put on craigslist seeking sales people. I have gotten lots of weird stuff, one girl sent me a half naked picture to accompany her resume and another girl sent me her Myspace profile. Others told me to contact them on facebook and then I had the bright idea to just write “commission only” in the ads so we get really good people.

As the person put in charge of finding and hiring at my company, I have seen a lot. Most of the interviewees have been duds, I get these hot shot real estate brokers who couldn’t sell for beans and then I’ll get some 19 year old girl who could tear the house down. But today I got my first frummy cover letter.

Only the opening is funny, but doesn’t BSD stand for something besides for Heaven being with you? I thought it was some sort of sexual acronym as well?Maybe all frum people do on craigslist was try and find frum affairs and people to rub cholent on you, so they may not know the correct way to go about real things like finding jobs or getting a free box spring.


To whom it may concern,

I am writing in regards to the ad for the inside sales position. My name is “Enter frummy name here”, I have tremendous sales and marketing experience, and I would really like to know more about the position you have available. Also, if there is a way to schedule an interview I would greatly appreciate an opportunity to find out more about the position, and discuss my experience, if needed.

Thank you so much for your consideration, have an amazing day,

If anyone is looking for a job and is really good at closing over the phone you can email me.