Frum Satire makes a shidduch

I went to a L’Chaim (engagement party) in Crown Heights last night that was a first for me, not because I went in Drag but this because the two people who got engaged met due to some comments on the Frum Satire blog. How come I didn’t know of this prior to the engagement is beyond me, but I feel cool.

On a side note, when I got there – there was a heated debate going on about when to cash your wedding checks. It was up for debate whether to cash them all at once or wait a few months, I say cash em in before you forget about em.

The two people getting married are both bloggers who met due to this post on how I felt proud to be an orthodox Jew while at a Matisyahu show in Baltimore. I guess Shevers and Nemo were having it out and through that she found TRS (The Real Shliach) through some linking action.

TRS and Shevers flirted through comments and then eventually forged some sort of Blogger affair, well I don’t really know this, but you can check out each of their blogs for the scoop on the story.

I went to the L’Chaim last night and filmed a video for proof that I am not lying to you, because this story sounds too good to be true, and will have the video up soon.

I actually wanted to make a singles event, blogger meet up or some kind of frum satire event for a long time – but I just don’t have the patience. Maybe this event will give me chizuk. Apparently there were a bunch of bloggers on the ladies side, but I was not introduced, although judging by the amount of cutties, I wish I was.

May you build a bayis ne’eman b’yisroel and all that otherfrummy stuff they say at engagement parties.