You’ve been Aished!!!

aish-hatorah-buildingWhen I talk with Baal Teshuvas I always ask them the obvious question, but I ask it in a way that implies they joined some kind of cult or something. “When did you drink the punch?” is my common line and usually they give me that blank I never heard of  the Jonestown Massacre look.

Today I asked the question of a girl I was talking to over Facebook and she gave me the whole story about becoming frum and somewhere along the way she said she got “Aished” and that was it.

Now I feel like making a show similar to Pranked but with the name of Aished!

Jack went away to college and suddenly found himself at a shabbat meal, he now has a long gray beard and works in the recycled mezuza industry. His parents were alarmed when they first saw him with the hat and garb but realized their matzo would be way better if it were made from Jewish blood rather then last name is cohen but we’re not Jewish blood. You’ve been Aished.

Leslie was working 12 hour days at a high powered corporate job, when she met Adam, only problem was, Adam was an undercover agent for Aish who forced Leslie to fall in love with him only to realize he was playing her along, they now live in Meah Shearim and run a operate shabbos riot tour in the Bais Yisroel and Geula neighborhoods.You’ve been aished.