Give me your feedback: comments and complaints

I am constantly debating about how to make Frum Satire better, and one of the things I have been thinking about lately has been what stuff to put on this here blog. It used to be a predominatly personal blog – but you should note that I was employed sporadically and could always find time to write and think about posts.

Flip to present day, the blog has become more of a portal to making fun of everything – not just my personal experiences, guest posts, news, current events and videos all of which I never posted durring my first year and a half of blogging.

Some of you don’t like this and would rather I just wait until my brain can churn out some lists or keen observations, but most of you like the way things have been going for the last year or so. I wish I could work on my blog full time and just churn out lists but I can’t, if you people paid my bills then maybe just maybe – I would be able to get my cabin in the woods and write full time.

I have heard complaints and praise about my habit of posting multiple times a day. Used to be that it was once or one and a half times per day, and since then it was bumped up to 3-4 times per day, but recently scaled back to twice a day. I have noticed that MOST people like more posts per day better, but I like to see feedback – but if this post only gets 10 people that’s not real feedback – I need 200 people telling me something.

Sometimes I don’t have anything to write, but as a blogger there is something that says “you must post” so I will post videos, links or news – do you people not want that???

Any other comments, suggestions, hate mail or whatever should go here…