How to tell you have been in Kollel too long

We can probably argue about the pros and cons of the kollel system all day, I personally don’t mind the kollel system itself – its the people running the shidduchim system that says workers are bums but the working class must support the all mighty kollel guy which makes no sense – if they are bums and we don’t want anyone to work. But, that’s for another time – or in the comments when you people rip each other new holes in your bulletproof stockings.

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You May Have Stayed in Kollel Too Long If…

Kollel is a wonderful phenomenon of our generation, reaching proportions that have never been achieved before. However, there are those who don’t realize when it’s time to leave. If some of these apply to you, it’s time to get thinking.

1. If the age of your first seder and second seder chavrusas combined don’t add up to yours.

2. If the tie you bought 15 years ago, and still wear today, is coming back in style

3. If your son, who now is part of the same yeshiva, passes you in the hallway and looks away

4. If your children’s schools are sending you bills for tuition that still have last year’s date on them (past-due)

5. If you go to your child’s school for PTA and the teacher is your daughter’s best friend

6. If by the annual “what-to-learn-next-meeting” you suggest exotic subjects, such as Hilchos Chagavim (grasshoppers)

7. If, when asked “What do you do?,” you say that you “learn with bochurim” instead of just the plain old “I’m in Kollel.”

Seriously speaking, if you feel that you are in kollel too long, it’s time to take action. Get some ideas in your head, go speak to your council of elders, and make a move before it’s too late. For some great action plans, take a look at how others have fared at