Lag Baomer is a time for exercise

While riding my bike around Prospect Park tonight I realized something very interesting, it is the only time during the year when exercise is encouraged in the frum community. I ride my bike around Prospect Park almost every night and rarely see any frum males in the park, I see plenty of women power walking, riding their bikes with billowing skirts and even jogging with skirts and sweat drenched T-shirts – but rarely a man.

Yet tonight I saw men, multitudes of them in their undershirts, and tzitzis fluttering about drenched in sweat getting a workout on the fields while throwing a baseball, flinging a Frisbee or even riding a bike. Never understood why once a year in the middle of a plague – frum people decided they could actually do something good for themselves outside.

I know what your thinking, I’m frum and I go to the gym, it doesn’t count – to me the gym is a n enclosed area with regimens and diet drinks – it just doesn’t seem like real activity done for the sake of activity.

In honor of it being Lag Baomer and many people listening to music again – I leave you with a live video of one of my favorite metal songs.