Meet the man behind

Last month the Jewish internet world was turned upside down like sodom, when it was revealed that a website for frum extramarital affairs existed. We all knew that wife swapping was going on, we were shocked. makes it easy for frum folks to have extra marital affairs, how on earth these people consider themselves frum is beyond me – but frum people want to have sex with other frum people, and if your married you don’t have to explain to your potential partner why you have to take a room at some obscure hotel rather than a mainstream hotel for fear of shidduch dates seeing you on your affair.

I wrote about a little over a month ago, and even though an interview with the owner was published by yesterday – I still think the site is a sham and used to blackmail unsuspecting people by using their information. The owner claims to have over 2000 members, none of which will actuallty admit it, and I don’t believe him.