Shemonah Esrei Farting

shemona-esrei-farterPeople fart, its one of the facts of life, orthodox Jews probably fart more due to our unhealthy diets and lack of exercise. Whether or not we control our farts is another story. I was in shul tonight and a man in front of me farted in the middle of a violent shemona esrei, I have heard this shemona esrei farting thing done many a time – but every time I am disgusted and find myself in a middle of shul laugh.

I find that the older the man the more likely he is to ignore the fact that any sounds or contents were emitted from his ass. Us young folks will let one loose in the middle of shemona esrei and try to cover up by miming our disgust at the smell, the famous whoever smelt it dealt it comes into play quite frequently.

Farting is a famous pastime amongst single frum males, if any of you have ever attended any orthodox Jewish men’s only events you know exactly what I am talking about, at the oneg, shalom zachor, shiur or shaloshudos – mostly anonymous farting will come into play, but none is funnier and more ignored than the shemona esrei fart.

Please note that the picture chosen is obviously of a man who has just farted while davening and is trying to act like he didn’t, classic gestures like nose screwed up and hand over face to dispel the smell aren’t covering up the fact that he is guilty!