Separation of the sexes does not cause the Shidduch crisis

shidduch-crisisI don’t actually know what is causing the shidduch crisis, but it definitely isn’t the separation of the sexes. I am constantly hearing from older folks with kids who are in the parsha complaining about the fact that all the separation nowadays is preventing people from meeting each other.

The argument is usually centered around older folks memories of socials and mixers and tons of opportunities to meet members of the opposite sex. I am all for this stuff as well and I also don’t think they should just be billed as singles events – singles events strike me as too serious – but still these people blame separation of the sexes for all the singles.

If this were so, one would think that the frummies would be having a way harder time finding mates than their modern orthodox cohorts, but its not the case. Take a look around the upper west side, Washington Heights or any other singles community which are usually made up of people who grew up in coed environments and its not any better than of those who grew up separate.

I have a twin post of this coming up that is a little funnier – I just had to vent.