Some crazy links for you

Digital Age Douchebags was sent to me by Perel Lubel and is a list of 3 people who annoy the heck out of you durring the digital age, the Instant Messanger addict, the Internet Commenter that loves to piss people off and the Bluetooth Guy.

This is why Your Fat is a picture site that tells us why we are fat through food images.

Twishitter is taking Twitter to a new level, its a site devoted to people twittering while on the toilet and its hilarious. I could never twitter on the toilet unless I would take my computer into the bathroom and even I am not that addicted – if you would like you can follow me on Twitter

Read the interview of myself in Maidelle which is an online magazine for Jewish girls.

I was named #30 in the JTA top 100 Jewish Twitterers, does that mean I’m a nerd? Or does it just mean that they took all the large Jewish twitterers and put them into a list.

Got to love those horny chassidim – here is a picture of two Chassidish guys on the beach looking at some beautiful woman.Why are we fascinated with Chassidim who are just like the rest of us?

I will be doing a show next week on the Upper West Side at Cong Ramat Orah on 110th street – the event is sponsored by the OU (now if you think I’m bad – its all good because I’m kosher) Facebook Event Page

Frum Satire @ Cong Ramat Orah – 550 west 110th street off of Broadway

Doors 7pm show starts 7:30pm