Sure sign the economy is going downhill fast

frenchfriesI recently posted about how Kosher Delight changed their skinny fries to those mashed potato filled ghetto mushy fries. Yet again last night I went out to eat and ordered fries and was deeply disappointed, this time it was at the Kosher Castle in Monsey which used to have the skinny crunchy fries of Kosher Delight fame.

Yet when I received my order I was dissapointed to find that they were of the new recession type of fries. It used to be that when you ordered fries in a kosher pizza store it was expected that you would get crappy fries, but fleishig restaurants always had better quality fries.

I must say that besides for the downhill quality of kosher French fries is one of the few ways I can tell the economy is going down. A look through any Jewish publication will reveal just as many Chinese Auctions, expensive separate swimming only vacations and plenty of fancy sheitle ads leading em to believe that the economy is doing just fine in the frum community, but when our very core, FOOD, is downgraded we all know its going to be real bad.

Soon we may have to deal with those stale stella dora kiddushes that used to be the norm when I was growing up, instead of three kinds of herring and meat filled cholent.