Mikvah Night Song

Hey Heshy,

I’m so glad that you liked this parody I wrote, which was inspired by Your amazing Mikvah night comedy video. Somehow I am not surprised that you own this album, it’s definitely a classic (after Ace of Base).

I can’t wait to hear the Yeshiva Boyz Choir cover it 🙂

Mikvah Night
by Eti

Parody of I’ll Make Love to You by Boyz II Men
(Here’s a link to the music:)

Take a dunk, count to three
And get ready for tonight
For tonight is Mikvah Night
It feels like Ecstasy, all through the night
Pour the shnaps, throw the petals
Girl Ill give you everything
Candles smell like besamim
I want to hold your hand
Girl you know what I mean

Ill get to know you
Like were told to do
And like Friday night
Babies will start to cry
Ill get to know you
Like were told to do
And I will not let go
Til the Rav says to

Girl relax, were alone
Shayna Bracha’s now out cold
I’mjust gonna play Heshy’s CD
Girl, are you hungry? Cuz I bought sushi tonight
Throw your robe on the floor
I’m gonna take my crocks off too
We’ve made plans to have a date
Girl, for night Seder, I cannot be late


Baby tonight, it just fits
Hope for kid number six
Though we cannot have passion
Anything that you ask
I will give you a happy Mikvah Night, your night.