Sexy sheitles and the age of BS tznius

mullet_blonde-wigI cant believe I never spoke about this, but what is the deal with the sexy sheitles – I know that some of you may go on about how tznius and hair covering is two completely separate halachos but it doesn’t seem like that to me. Just like the boobs are supposed to be only for the husband to see and hair is the same way, I myself am not fond of the whole concept and recently learned that it may be a bunch of BS according to many people who are not tied in with the sheitle industry (seems like hot channies can either be sheitle machers or shadchans)

I know many guys who will only date girls who will cover their hair fully, I have recently gotten away from this to the point that I would date girls who never plan on covering their hair – this is mostly due to the hypocrisy that seems to surround the whole hair covering movement, and that I don’t want to cut out a segment of my dating pool because of one minor gray area infraction.

Don’t even get me started on the tight skirts that are apparently way more “tznius” than pants, no matter how loose or unrevealing the pants are.

It just seems to me that all of these people who look “down” on others that don’t wear skirts or cover their hair are actually full of crap themselves, or am I just off my rocker?