Frum Satire show on the upper west side

frum-satireYours truly was asked today by non-other than the OU to perform for one of their singles events on the upper west side. I wonder if this means they endorse me now – because it would be a great thing to fling back in the faces of everyone who calls me a Chillul Hashem on a daily basis – although I would assume that if they didn’t think I was a real Jew they probably are too frum to hold of the OU and therefore my kasharus means nothing until I have some Yiddish words on my hechsher.

Either way, I will be performing on Wednesday, May 13th (day after Lag Baomer) at Ramat Orah which is located on 110th street and Broadway on the upper west side of Manhattan. Price will be set tomorrow.

Just because its billed as a singles event, doesn’t mean you can’t show up – this is comedy after all.

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