The weirdest gemara ever

I never liked gemara much, but its possible that I wasn’t learning the right gemara. For instance I never learned about the naked guy on the roof who falls into the naked girl and they wonder whether or not she is still a virgin – interesting but not nearly as interesting as the following gemara in Bava Metzia:

There is a gemara in Bava Metzia that a fan sent over that is about the great sages discussing each others penis sizes, sounds like a locker room to me. I just cant imagine a bunch of white bearded talmudic scholars telling each other how big they are.

Apparently Rav Pappa had a huge shlong, which is explains why we mention him so many damned times durring siyums.

Here’s an except –

Rebbi Yochanan stated that the “Ever” (lit. “limb”) of Rebbi Yishmael bar’Rebbi Yosi was like a flask the size of nine Kavim. Rav Papa stated that the “Ever” of Rebbi Yochanan was like a flask the size of five Kavim (or, according to others, three Kavim). The Gemara continues and says that the “Ever” of Rav Papa himself was like a Harpanian basket.

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