I guess Chassidim don’t like my humor

belzTonight I did my first show exclusively for Chassidim and it went real bad. I was super pumped because it would give me a chance to finally make fun of Satmar folks to their faces and it flopped, I was kind of shocked that it did – and even though plenty of folks at the show said they liked it – judging by the lack of laughter in the audience – I could tell they weren’t too pleased.

It was a private show in Boro Park at an undisclosed location, but I found it hilarious that the frummest looking crowd I have ever done wanted the dirtiest humor. They all kept asking me to do sexual humor and dirty jokes and even though I am called a chillul hashem on a daily basis for being “dirty and sexual” I really don’t do that kind of humor. All of my sexual humor is innuendo, like shomer negia and frum porn stuff. I tried that stuff and it failed miserably¬† mostly because it was too clean.

It was quite pathetic really, the food was good and the location was pimping, but I felt super bad taking these peoples money for entertainment that they didn’t seem to enjoy. It is debatable if it is my worst show ever – but it definitely made me happy because my goal as a humorist, satirist and comedian is not really frum audiences, I would really like to crack into the liberal secular artsy Jew crowd.

I had to keep on explaining that I do clean Jewish humor and although some of you may not think of me as a clean comic I am predominantly clean – and I guess “cool” chassidim don’t want any of it. Kind of sucks because I totally thought I had a Chassidish following.

Hopefully while I am in New York (although I will travel anywhere) I can get some other shows going on, something on the Upper West Side is in the works, as well as a possible Lubavitch Lag Baomer event – if anyone would like to hire me out to rock their world – send me an email frumsatire@gmail.com