What was your worst restaurant experience?

I was seated at a table awaiting my meal, thank God for the free Chinese noodles and duck sauce or else I would have gone insane. As with most Jews, I love Chinese food and anytime I get a chance to devour some saucy Chinese food I take it.

My meal arrived, and I was shocked to find my Chicken and Broccoli was devoid of Broccoli, I immediately called the waiter back and voiced my complaint. He looked at me quizzically and asked me what the problem was – he pointed out a few stray broccoli stems hidden under the chicken and said “see theres your broccoli” and I asked him where the florets were.

The mashgiach came out and told me that since broccoli was infested with bugs they only served the stems. I felt that this was false advertising, they should have told me it was Chicken and Broccoli stems – unless broccoli stems counted as the full broccoli plant – which I didn’t think it did.

I know the above event doesn’t sound too bad, but when I had to drive 5 hours from Rochester to Monsey for kosher food it was a pretty big deal.