Why don’t women ever notice the tznius problems?

chsarediThe latest in the Charedi push to ban women from basic freedoms kind of looks like the 1960s civil rights movement, but in reverse. The title of an article “Scuffle breaks out at protest FOR segregated buses” just sounds wrong in so many ways, but it got me thinking that it seems funny that women are never complaining about the tznius issues themselves, as if they didn’t have a voice at all (wait they dont)

In my view it should be the women that are complaining about men pushing into them, after all, I have never been sideswiped by a woman trying to get into a bus or get into anywhere, it is the women who are usually nicer and more civil when it comes to dealing with men – and they seem to be more careful when it comes to tznius.

Seems to me that the men just want to control the women, since they either can’t control themselves or they they just want to exert power in general since they don’t join the army. It seems that if they got to blow up some terrorist training camps they might get the power trip out of their systems and stop having to demand separate this and that – until women just get pissed and stay home with the babies and the kugel.