How do you un-celebrate non-Jewish holidays?

Jewish-ChristmasAt one time or another some of you converters (not the DC to AC types) have asked me how to un-celebrate non-Jewish holidays and I really have no idea how. After all, I grew up frum and never tried to stop celebrating pesach or chanukah, I wouldn’t know what to do anyway. I doubt I would have the guts to pop a piece of bread in my mouth on Pesach or eat on Yom Kippor, although I think if I started slowly, by maybe wetting my lips on Yom Kippor or eating kitneyot on Pesach I could eventually come to uncelebrate the holidays.

I think you converts can do the same thing, maybe you can stop drinking eggnog on Christmas, it tastes like crap anyway. Maybe you can buy sweat socks instead of stockings or get a wreath and not a full tree.

Besides for Christmas what other holidays are there to un-celebrate anyway? Easter – don’t buy eggs. Palm Sunday – don’t take the lulav apart. Halloween? Is that even a holiday?

I feel that non-Jews who go off the derech have it way easier then us frummies who decide to take the plunge, giving up seders, chanukah presents and matzo would wreak havoc on your social life while not going egg hunting and dancing to the monster mash seems kind of easy.

Maybe I’m an ignorant fool and have it all wrong though.