Shidduch moves: the half wallet pull

wallet-with-moneyI am sure many of you have been on dates when the girl tried the half wallet pull, this is at the point of paying when they pretend that they have your back and make one of those half assed attempts at pretending they never thought in a million years you would pay for them.

The half wallet pull is usually accompanied by a fake surprised smile and awkward comment about how nice it was for you to take them out. Most guys respond with an of course, I usually respond with something different if the girl is cool. If she’s just decent I do the regular old “no problem” and suck it up – but if the girl was actually worth it – I always comment on how it was worth it or the sort.

I always wonder if these women are actually surprised, or is it just one of those things that women have to do? Also has anyone ever taken a girl up on her offer to pay? As much as I talk about this chivalrous subject I have only taken a girl up on her offer several times, and never on the first date.